Ancient Healing for Modern Concerns

Client Testimonials

  • "Diane's acupuncture treatments have given me successful relief from pain caused by fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. The treatments have been enjoyable because of her caring, professional manner. She diagnoses the whole person and adapts the treatments to treat the specific needs of each individual. I feel fortunate to have discovered the holistic care of acupuncture."
  • "Diane Kane embodies the spirit of wellness.  After more than a year of post-partum rage that left me constantly clenching my teeth and fists to keep from hurling objects across the room, I met Diane Kane quite coincidentally; I wasn’t looking for an acupuncturist, had never experienced acupuncture, and hadn’t considered seeking help for my rage. Saying that I’m happy I took a chance on her as a healer is a colossal understatement. Diane embodies the spirit of wellness and you can’t help but absorb it just by being in her presence. I still get angry sometimes, but I don’t feel that rage anymore, and with Diane’s guidance, I’m learning not to water that seed of anger. She shares new tools and advice with me at each visit, and I use those tools between treatments, incorporating wellness and compassion into my daily life as a mother and wife. The other night I was talking to my husband about acupuncture, and he said that he loves what Diane has done for me and for us as a couple.  He said he looks forward to coming home and spending time with me and admitted that he spent a number of months trying to think of ways to avoid being with me.  I look forward to being with him more, too. Acupuncture healed my rage, but Diane healed my life. Acupuncture helped me find myself beneath the rage; Diane led me to the path of overall wellness and continues to guide me on my journey toward becoming a compassionate mother, wife, and woman."
  • "Diane Kane is a remarkable practitioner in the healing art of acupuncture. I've been a patient of Ms. Kane for more than five years, and I've enjoyed outstanding outcomes with each visit. This is not to say that I've had to see her each week, or even each month, for the same issue. Ms. Kane has a relaxing bedside manner, and is never in a rush to get through a therapeutic visit to get to the next patient I recommend Ms. Kane to anyone interested in healing!"

    • "Although I was wary of the needles, I was pleased to discover that they were very small and they did not hurt.  Acupuncture has helped me with my sinuses, back problems, and sadness over death in the family.  It helped increase my energy level.  I would certainly recommend it."


    • "Acupuncture has greatly improved the quality of my life--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Diane is gifted and generous." 


      • "One of the benefits of acupuncture is that it helped me obtain another whole level of relaxation.  The benefits of that alone...a lot of people need that.  The treatments have also given me more of an ability to heal myself and helped alleviate pain in my joints."

      • "Diane is always present for listening to what I have to say.  She is particularly good at maintaining continuity from one session to the next, so that I don't feel like we are starting over each time I go in for treatment.  She is genuinely interested in helping me get better.  She discusses her process before any needles are used and puts one at ease in order to get the best results."

      • "I originally went to Diane Kane Acupuncture for help with quitting smoking.  I tried to quit 10 times, using The Patch, Welbutrin, Nicotine Gum...nothing worked.  I was skeptical about acupuncture at first, but after being treated by Diane not only was I able to quit smoking, the acupuncture cured my insomnia, gave me a overallburst of youthful vigor, and restored balance to my life in so many ways. It takes a few visits for it to kick in, but when it does you will know it.  I highly recommend Diane Kane Acupuncture for any condition you may have, or as part of an overall wellness program."  

      • "Being a caregiver, I need to use my hands and pull on my gloves quickly to serve my clients--an impossible task with trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis.  I need strong hands and back to hold, move, and mobilize my patients.  Diane Kane is excellent at her profession.  She did what no doctor could do without surgery:  totally healed my trigger finger, my carpal tunnel and arthritis in a very short period of time.  I've had full use of my hands for the past three years and only visit once a year to give my hands a "boost." 
      •  "This is ----'s caregiver and I would like to share about the incredible success of Diane's treatment of my client, ----, who has dementia.  In her mental condition she was not able to deal with the pain radiating from her hips, nor could we have a complete assessment of the extent of her hip deterioration because she was not able to do the tests that the doctors wanted to perform.  At age 87 with her mental capacities, she is not a candidate for hip transplants.  The pain is very real to ---- and it was horrible to not be able to help her until Diane's skill in acupuncture delivered her of all pain in just two visits.  Dementia patients do not lie, fake or manipulate; her pain was completely GONE." 

      • "Diane has a very natural calming way of quickly getting to what is needed in the moment.  Within no time I am feeling better and my body gets into the flow of my wellness."
      • "Kind, compassionate, experienced and meticulous are words that immediately come to mind when I think of Diane.  I came to her in the midst of fertility treatments.  My world was upside down emotionally, mentally and physically.  My husband knew I needed help and encouraged me to go see Diane.  She listened to me and asked me the most thoughtful questions in hopes of understanding my struggles.  The change I felt after my first appointment with her was profound.  She gave me hope when I wasn't sure there was any.  I always looked forward to my appointments, knowing I could be myself and that she would share her never-ending positive energy.  As we approached the date of the IUI, she offered to see me early morning prior to the procedure and then immediately afterwards for another acupuncture session.  I gladly accepted.  Walking to her office gave me much needed sense of peace.  It was so nice knowing someone so warm was supporting us in this seemingly sterile process.  We were so elated to find out two weeks later that we were pregnant.  We know that IUI rarely works the first time and are confident that Diane's treatments were a major part in this process.  Today we have a very special baby girl.  She is so happy and engaging.  Truly we could not have hoped for a more wonderful child.   A few months after the birth of our daughter I experienced some debilitating stomach issues.  Again, Diane welcomed me into her practice and helped to alleviate these symptoms.  As life continues to be a roller coaster, I look forward to future sessions with Diane and whole heartedly recommend her to anyone experiencing physical or emotional challenges.  We are forever grateful for Diane's support, encouragement, and especially her many years of acupuncture proficiency."

      • "I began seeing Diane about 9 years ago for digestive issues  Within a month, my symptoms had virtually disappeared and I noticed other health benefits as well, including a reduction in allergies and in my lactose intolerance.  Since then, she has provided support for a variety of issues.  She has helped me through two pregnancies (and a lot of morning sickness) and I can always count on her to understand what I'm going through and provide the best treatment, whether it's to help me sleep, assist with pain, or just generally support my well-being.  I appreciate all that she has done for me."